Saturday 18 April 2015

A Day Course Translating Teenagers - London 13th May 2015

 The teen and pre-teen years can be testing for a parent, when previously easy children can transform into demanding, monosyllabic or unmotivated teenagers.  Home can become a stamping ground for confrontation, apathy or stress whilst teenagers push the boundaries, indulge in risky behaviours or withdraw to their rooms as they face the challenges of making their way in a competitive, materialistic and screen based world.  Why do certain behaviours creep in from around the age of 10 and what purpose do they serve?  Can parents do anything to alleviate them and have a positive influence on their child’s developing personality & habits?
Janey and Naella have combined a wealth of information on teenagers, along with practical skills, which aim to help parents to have a positive influence on how their child develops.  Simple up to the minute brain science reveals fascinating insights into teenage behaviour. Baffling negative behaviour patterns can change, and parents can learn how to use the relationships they have with their child, and home life itself, to help influence and create a confident, resilient adult who is ready to face their pressures and challenges, without falling prey to the all too accessible, negative default strategies available today:  from binge drinking, legal highs, self-harming, disordered eating, through to on-line gaming & pornography. This course is suitable for mothers & fathers 

At The Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, London W11
On May 13th from 9.15 – 4pm (tea, coffee, snacks provided) £99
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CONTACT DETAILS:  07808 144535